Did she or didn't she? Will Beyonce's glossed lips remain tightly pressed about whether or not she lip-synced the national anthem at the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, the debate rages on. The latest? A sound engineer argues that yes, she was indeed singing.

The Marine Corps. Band said Bey gave the word that she wanted to use the pre-recorded track, then backpedalled on their comments. Now a veteran recording engineer says at least half of Bey's recording was hers.

Well, yeah, she did record the vocal track in advance, which is customary, and she supposedly elected to use that. So she did sing it and recently … just not live.

"At least half of what we were hearing, if not all, was her real vocal," said Shepherd on his blog.

He's really breaking it down, suggesting she sang live to a pre-recorded track. It was the band who was "miming," which was admitted.

There is also the story about Bey deciding to use the instrumental recording since she didn't have enough time to rehearse with the band in advance. Okay, then what was she doing, besides Instagramming pics of herself with the band? Why not spend a lil' more time in the studio to get it perfect?

So as it stands, the Marine Corps. Band said it was asked to use a pre-recorded track, per Beyonce's request. Then they said they cannot assess if Bey sang or not, but confirmed that the band did not play live.

Shepherd offered this assessment, saying, "With an event of this size, I would understand that you would want to play it safe and have a recording that she would be practicing with on her laptop so that she would know it inside and out and have the timing down.

"It is very hard for a band to play in tune when the temperature is so low ... I used to play trombone and I know that as the brass instruments are played they warm up and everyone can go in and out of tune with each other. So I can understand why everyone would want to use a recorded [instrumental] track."

He addresses the fact that Bey's mic set too low at the beginning of the performance and even explained why she ripped out her earpiece. He states that she was trying to hear her voice in real time and kept the other in her ear so she could hear the audio feed.

He also addresses the fact that her scarf flapped during the performance and you can hear it, proving there was a live mic. He also said that Bey is "so good that her pre-recorded and live vocal are almost identical. That's why it's so hard to figure out and that's why you look for quirks or technical issues. There's a microphone pop on a 'p' in one of the words on all the versions. That, to me, says it happened in the live version, because that's something that would be fixed in the studio version."

Shepherd the expert finished, saying, "When you add up those tiny little details it's pretty clear ... at least half, if not all, of what we were hearing is her [live] vocal. All these clues point to me to the live vocal being in the mix and that's what she wanted."

Is he on Bey's payroll?

We kid, we kid. But the question remains. Are you convinced, PCrushers?

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