Beyonce's publicist has earned her keep while simultaneously stoking the fires of her client's diva image.

Earlier this week, the singer's PR rep asked that Buzzfeed remove over a half-dozen images of the singer making unflattering faces during her Super Bowl halftime performance last Sunday.

The site published both the email and the photos that were asked to be taken down, sparking tons of online discussion about how Bey looked amazing and a few shots of her making grunt-like faces mid-performance were hardly considered unflattering.

To further stanch the bleeding, the offending pics were removed from Getty Images, the photo agency where most media outlets purchase their photos. That's no doubt the work of Bey's PR maven.

Even though five of the images have been removed and are unavailable for purchase, they live on via the Internet, since nothing ever dies online. There is an "unflattering" image still available via Getty, and it's posted above.

Bey's people should have left well enough alone. No one was talking about those pictures, going, "OMG! Look at how ugly Beyonce looks!" As if. Ugly just isn't a vocab word that can ever be associated with Bey.

Everyone was talking about her hellfire performance. Asking the media to remove the "unflattering" images created a monster. It got some web trolls commenting on how Bey's "latest" nose job looks awful. All it did was generate more smack talk.

It's our flaws that make us interesting and Bey looking less than perfect in a photo only made her feel more real. She is beautiful and nothing changes our opinion, not even a few photos where her face is all bunched up. So there. These images show her "game face" and remind us that she is such a fierce and focused performer.

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