Beyonce's pregnancy is about to give us a key symptom of morning sickness: throwing up! The Sun (via NME) has revealed that the singer's pregnancy cravings feature some rather unlikely (and unappetizing to those not with child) flavor combinations.

Bey, who revealed that she is expecting her first child earlier this month, has been feasting on strange fare such as bananas dipped in ketchup. Wait, it gets worse. She has also been enjoying a little ice cream drizzled with chili sauce and oreos stuffed with gherkins, which are a vegetables akin to cucumbers. There's only one word to describe those bun-in-the-oven cravings: yuck!

The publication also says that Bey has been drinking ginger beer to quench her thirst. Despite the name, ginger beer is carbonated and it's non-alcoholic, so no red flags there. Bey's not drinking anything unhealthy while pregnant as ginger beer is basically ginger ale!

We heard of pickles and ice cream as a favored food mash up for moms-to-be, but Beyonce is having some of the strangest hankerings we've ever heard of! She may as well enjoy it while she is noshing for two.

Bey is reportedly due in early 2012.