Despite being several months pregnant with her first bundle of joy, Beyonce has been a spotted getting her groove on at several of her husband and baby daddy Jay-Z's Watch the Throne shows with Kanye West. Who wants to bet that this baby is going to be musical?

At the shows, Bey's not exhibiting any diva-like behavior, either. According to US Weekly, Bey took a seat in the front row, as opposed to sequestering herself in the VIP box, at the Nov. 14 show in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  She wanted to watch her man do his thing up close and be with his fans and enjoy the show as if she was one! Sources say Bey danced nonstop but she still dealt with the effects of being pregnant. A witness said, "she took about 14 bathroom breaks…she barely stopped dancing!" One of the common side effects of being preggers is having to pee... a lot.

We hope Baby Bey was having a good time in utero as Mommy danced to Daddy's music.

Bey was also spotted at the following night's gig in Miami. She was singing and dancing to 'Gotta Have It.' She is staying fresh that way, since she isn't going to perform any of her own material until well after the baby's February birth.

Don't fret, though. You can just enjoy her live DVD, 'Beyonce Live at Roseland: Element of 4,' while she is on hiatus from performing in order to give birth and enjoy her newborn. The DVD drops on Nov. 29.