Beyonce would 'Rather Die Young' than live without the man she truly loves on an impressive song from her upcoming '4' album.

The track was co-written by an unlikely source, Luke Steele of Australian electronic duo Empire of the Sun. The song deftly combines the feel of a traditional R&B ballad with elements of Steele's sound, which results in a horn section mingling with programmed drums and even subtle flashes of synth and guitar in the backing instrumentation.

Beyonce expresses her total devotion in a quiet opening verse that opens into a powerful chorus:

"Boy you'll be the death of me / You’re my James Dean / You make me feel like I’m seventeen / You drive too fast, you smoke too much / But that don’t mean a thing cause I'm addicted to the rush / Cause I'd rather die young than live my life without you / I'd rather not live at all than live my life without you."

Beyonce would rather live life to the fullest with a dangerous man than play it safe with someone boring. That's a rather intense statement of adoration. Girls may run the world, but it doesn't hurt to have a cool guy by your side.

'Rather Die Young' expands Beyonce's sound slightly without veering too far from her winning formula. Well done, B!