Although Beyonce is usually known for her originality, her most recent video for 'Countdown' is being labeled as a rip-off. Apparently, Bey borrowed the idea for her 'Countdown' clip from Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

The 'Countdown' clip is so similar to movies that Keersmaeker choreographed routines for that it is pretty much impossible to miss the correlations. Perhaps Beyonce saw that clips of Keersmaeker's choreographed moves and was inspired to mimic them in her own video?

In the video below, the 'Countdown' video is played alongside clips of Keersmaeker's routines. Bey can be seen dancing through a window pane, sweeping her hair out of her face in the foreground as dancers break it down beside her in the background. Keersmaeker's clip is pretty much exactly the same, with a few exceptions such as color and overall dance deliverance.

Although we like to think of Beyonce as being tres original, this isn't the first time she has come under scrutiny for stealing performance ideas. When the singer performed in front of a giant screen at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, many people were shaking their heads since the live show was so similar to a stage show put on by Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini.

What do you think? Did Beyonce rip-off the 'Countdown' video idea, or is she just paying tribute to the art forms created by the Belgian choreographer?

Watch Beyonce's 'Countdown' vs. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker