Beyonce closed out this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25 with an epic 15-minute medley of her album, 'Beyonce,' and if you guessed a lot of hard work and preparation went into her performance, you were right.

As part of 'Flashback Friday' today, Beyonce shared a four minute video on her official site and YouTube which gives a brief glimpse as to how the whole production came together.

The video opens with Beyonce saying a prayer right before the live taping, as her dancers and helpers gather around for the show they've all been working so hard on. The video then cuts to rehearsals and blueprint planning, with over 50 dancers learning routines for the show. Some performers, including Beyonce herself, record video to be projected onto the show's stage. We are then taken to a few days before the performance, where it's revealed that the stage construction was behind schedule, and that they never had a full run through with the finished stages. Beyonce is clearly upset over this but nevertheless, she and her troop march on. We then revisit the night of the performance where there are last minute preps as she's about to take the stage.

If you want to know what it's like to be Queen Bey and run a show like she can only run, click on the video above to check out a preview.

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