Beyonce wants to give love gone bad another shot in her new song, 'Start Over,' from her forthcoming album, '4.'

"I feel weak / We've been here before / 'Cause I feel we keep going back and forth / Maybe it's over, maybe we're through / But I can honestly say I still love you," Beyonce sings, rather desperately, in the intro.

From the beginning, we get a sense of tribal meets modern pop goddess from this track, though by the time she belts the big notes and gets the strength to express how she really feels, the drum beats have caught up as well.

She continues to sing:

"Maybe we've reached a mountain peak and there's no more left to climb / And maybe we lost a magic piece and we're both too blind to find / Let's start over / Let's give love their wings / Let's start over / Stop fighting about the same old things."

'Start Over' is one of those begging and pleading love songs, but it also has that element of 'Yeah, it's probably time to call this off.' As most Beyonce songs are, this one is soulful -- and it's packed full of her signature voice, and makes us reminiscent of Bey circa old school awesomeness, like the Destiny's Child ballad days.

This feels like more of a filler track than a chart-topping single, and because she's the best of the best, it's easy for her to knock out a killer song without really trying.

Our verdict: 'Start Over' is good, but it's not amazing, and we know she can do better. '4' will land in full on June 28.

[Update: Columbia Records and Beyonce have requested we remove the audio
for this song]