Have you ever prepared for five months for something that is over in approximately 13 minutes? Beyonce has. She told Extra TV preparations for her Super Bowl Halftime extravaganza (where she allegedly showcased her new nose job) took approximately 150 days. Her hard work definitely paid off and then some!

And what about that long-awaited Destiny's Child reunion? "So beautiful, it really was a magnificent night for me and the girls." She also gave props to Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson who helped open the festivities, saying, "It was a great night to be a woman."

When asked if her halftime show was so hot it blew out the power in the second half of the game, Queen B turned right to the camera and quoted Sweet Brown, "Lawd Jesus, it's a fire." Girl's got a sense of humor!

Still no comment on Bey's alleged Illuminati symbols (which were actually the Roc diamond, in honor of hubby Jay-Z) or her "nip slip." Because it didn't happen.