A pop star's behavior can be classified as "diva" or "down to earth." In the case where fans reported to Perez Hilton that Beyonce has been relying on the services of a teleprompter when addressing the crowd during her four-night residency at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, it's as divalicious as it gets. Apparently,  Bey was not using the screen to remember lyrics or to read sheet music, as is sometimes customary for performers. Instead, she relied on the machine for her direct communication with the crowd. Really? Really.

Fans let the famed gossip site know that the Queen B was reciting scripted speeches from a teleprompter screen. Now, this is not uncommon, especially in rock music, where elder statesmen like Ozzy Osbourne use a teleprompter, since he's Ozzy and that's what he does. But Beyonce!? She's young and full of energy, so why does she need assistance when addressing her adoring audience?

Hilton readers said the prompter's presence was annoying. One fan admitted that "it was so distracting that for the first few songs everyone in my immediate area was watching the screen talking the script out loud before she was. It became especially ironic/humorous when she was talking about becoming an actress yet she's reading off of a prompter instead of memorizing the damn words."

Yikes. Hilton even posted photos where you can see the words scrolling on the teleprompter screen. This behavior is quite baffling.

Usually, when interacting with fans from the stage, artists are intentionally spontaneous, genuine and off the cuff. We're not sure why the 'Best Thing I Never Had' singer went this route. Nerves? Practice for her "other" career as an actress? It could be a myriad of reasons.