Beyonce has not met a magazine cover she doesn't like. During the press blitz for her fourth solo album '4,' Beyonce has landed some seriously fashion-forward cover spreads and the September issue of UK Harper's Bazaar is the latest, following her scorching appearances on the front page of Complex and W.

While many of the Queen B's peers land on the cover of every mag imaginable, Beyonce has been a little more selective and high fashion this time out. Since Harper's Bazaar is a venerable titan of the fashion industry and the September issue is the most important one of the print publication's calendar year, putting Beyonce on the cover was a smart choice -- as she embodies all that is glam and gorgeous.

The spread boasts plenty of old world architecture, with Bey dressed to the nines while chilling in what appears to be a sprawling estate.

When you're done fawning over how smashing the Queen B looks in her menswear blazer or her black and white gown, take a second to soak up her surroundings. Bey looks right at home standing on a bed, flipping channels and, well, posing in this classic dwelling.

With her long, sleek, straight hair fastened in a low ponytail and dramatic, smoky eyes on the actual cover shot, we're just going to bow down and kiss the Queen's ring.

It's Beyonce's (run the) world. We just live in it.

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