Sentiment worth revisiting: If you shake up the Beyhive, you're bound to get stung.

Yesterday (June 7), Good Morning America shared a promo that promised some big, bad Beyonce news was on the way (you can see the clip for yourself above). But when the time finally came for the curtain to be lifted, there was no album, video or summer single for fans to sink their teeth into—instead there was a sententious message from the singer to remember to eat your vegetables. Okay!

In the segment above, Beyonce speaks to the camera in a pre-recorded segment about the merits of a vegan lifestyle ("I have struggled since a young age with diets," she insists), but sadly, the news wasn't so appetizing to viewers, who spat it back at GMA like unripe eggplant, even moving to clog Bey's Instagram comments with emojis of non-vegan food in protest (drumsticks and hamburgers, anyone?). Food fight, indeed!

"I'm disappointed in you beyonce I thought it was gonna be something amazing," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "Did Beyonce just declare war on my beloved cheese?? You've gone too far, Bey. We're done."

The show noted that Bey will appear again on GMA tomorrow, so fingers crossed—for her sake—that the segment will extend beyond the limits of her garden.

Were you shocked by Beyonce's apparent bait-and-switch?

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