Beyonce and Lady Gaga have both stepped out with brand-new bangs! Whose fringe do you like more?

Beyonce set the Twitterverse ablaze when she was photographed rocking her baby bangs. Instead of going for a full-on fringe, Queen Bey instead opted for a very short cut going straight across, reaching only to the middle of her forehead (as opposed to the bangs grazing her eyebrows). Of course, Beyonce can pull off anything -- she is Beyonce, after all -- but we're digging her unique take on the fringe, especially with her drool-worthy caramel locks.

Lady Gaga was also snapped with a short, choppy fringe, choosing instead to angle her bangs so they're shortest in the middle, but longer as they reach the sides of her face. While Gaga's 'do is most likely a wig, we like how she makes the baby bangs her own -- not that we'd expect anything less from Mother Monster!

Whose bangs do you like more? Cast your vote for Beyonce or Lady Gaga in the poll below!

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