H&M loves their celebrity models, especially if they're sultry songbirds. Beyonce is the newest face of the fashion brand, with her ad for H&M's 2013 summer campaign hitting the Internet today.

But Queen Bey isn't the first songstress in recent memory moonlighting as an H&M model, as 'Ride' chanteuse Lana Del Rey modeled throughout the fall and winter months of 2012 in a wide variety of looks and poses.

After checking out a couple of Lana Del Rey's cooler photos (in front of a plain gray background for the Fall campaign, and in a blue-ish, dimly lit garage for the Winter ads) and comparing them to Beyonce's sizzling, beach-themed shot, who gets your vote for favorite H&M model?

As time goes on, we're sure we'll have more Beyonce pictures to add -- but for right now, H&M is only teasing us with this incredibly sexy, shoreside shot. Looking perfectly relaxed and absolutely flawless in metallic hot pants and a peachy, sleeveless button-up top, Beyonce is far from a beach bum as she lay upon her portable, plastic chaise lounge. The flower in her wavy locks and red hot lips only add to the island goddess, "come hither" vibe.

However, while Beyonce is busy relaxing on her lounge chair, Lana Del Rey was posing it up for H&M back in 2012. In the shot above from her Fall campaign, Lana dons a comfy green sweater and colorful patterned pants, and she channeled her inner supermodel in a ton of other outfits that you can see here. Del Rey's look was such a great match for H&M, that they also recruited her for a series of winter promos (see them here), where she looks part femme fatale and part snow bunny with her luscious hair flowing.

Scroll down to check out some larger H&M ads of Beyonce and Lana, then vote for your favorite pop star turned fashion model below!