Every pop star has a good breakup song or two in her arsenal -- including Beyonce and Taylor Swift!

Both musical powerhouses acknowledge the residual damage from a breakup, like the feeling that you can't escape your ex. The two singers even describe that ghost-like presence in the same way. Whose 'Haunted' track do you like better?

Beyonce's 2013 track 'Haunted' is a thumping slow jam that evokes the spookiness of the lyrics. "What comes up / Ghost around," Bey cleverly croons. The singers recognizes that both parties can be affected the same way by a breakup. If she's feelings her ex's absence, he's surely feeling hers. The track builds, before slowly fading out, which is a pretty accurate reflection of the breakup.

Taylor delivers red-hot angst in 'Haunted,' a track off of her 2010 album, 'Speak Now.' In the song, T. Swift admits she thought she had someone figured out, but she can't escape the memory of him now that he's gone. She goes to say that although he walked away, she still meant everything she said to him. The song is definitely one of Taylor's more bombastic, and for good reason. It perfectly describes the range of emotions that result from being blindsided.

Which 'Haunted' song is your favorite? Vote for Beyonce or Taylor in the poll below!

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