After news surfaced that a Tupac Shakur sex tape existed, two porn websites are in a fierce bidding war to buy the rights to this alleged tape, reports TMZ. Although both parties haven't seen the actual footage, they are willing to go dig deep into their pockets to be the rightful owner of it.

One of the potential buyers is a porn website owner who is willing to pay $150,000 for the tape. We think that's a low price for such a rare video, especially when the celebrity is a popular deceased rapper, but that's just our opinion. Meanwhile, the second investor is ready to beat that offer but only if he can watch the video first.

There lies the mystery behind this story. No one has seen this supposed sex tape featuring Tupac and another woman outside of TMZ. As we previously reported, a video was discovered featuring the late rapper receiving fellatio from an unidentified woman. Apparently, the five-minute video was shot in 1991 and it features Digital Underground member Money B.

Tupac's estate nor Money B has come forward to validate this story or the video, so as far as we know, all of this could be bunk. We are still questioning why this person is now shopping a video around 15 years after the late rapper's death.

It's going to be interesting to see how this story develops.