Even though Amy Winehouse only passed away on Saturday, the music community has responded resoundingly, issuing tributes to her left and write, both musical, via Twitter and in blog posts. Outkast's Big Boi went a step further, by leaking a previously unreleased remix of Winehouse's 'Back to Black' hit 'Tears Dry on Their Own' dubbed 'Tears Dry on Their Own (Organized Noize X Dungeon Family Remix.)'

The remix is a sultry, loungey version of a Winehouse favorite and is a quality reimagining of her bluesy, soulful, jazzy, jukebox style. It's respectful to her work as an artist and also demonstrates that Winehouse's music had a universal appeal and was so well written that it was malleable and remixable.

It also reminds of the tremendous talent that we lost way too soon.

We think it was more than appropriate for Big Boi to unleash this remix onto the world, as the pop culture community is mourning Winehouse, who was buried today. It is proof that her musical legacy lives on and that even though we won't hear any new music from her, we will always be able to wrap ourselves in her previous work, work that earned her five Grammys.

Listen to Amy Winehouse, 'Tears Dry on Their Own (Organized Noize X Dungeon Family Remix)'