Outkat's Big Boi is not about lip service. The rapper is digitally rallying for a, well, rally on behalf of death row inmate Troy Davis, who faces execution tonight in Georgia. Big Boi tweeted all day about the matter, calling for an uprising at the Jackson-based prison, which is 40 miles outside of Atlanta, which is where Big Boi live, according to SPIN.

Davis, 42, is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 7PM ET. His last minute clemency request was denied yesterday. Davis is on death row for the 1989 murder of an off-duty copy who was shot outside of a Burger King while trying to save a homeless man who was being beaten. The sole pieces of physical evidence linking Davis to the crime were bullet casings that were connected to a previous conviction. He has received three stays of execution at the 11th hour since beginning his death row sentence.

Big Boi is not Davis' sole supporter. Even Pope Benedict XVI is advocating clemency for the prisoner, since the case has been fraught with problems, such as the constantly changing testimony from nine key witnesses; implications of police misconduct in the case; and the fact that someone else admitted to committing the murder. The slain officer's family believes that it was Davis who committed the crime for which he was convicted.

Big Boi has made this case his own personal Twitter mission and has been using digital media to advance the cause and the educate. "We don't need a trending topic, we need boots on the ground" was a tweet that he posted in the morning. Diddy has also supported this mission, as well.