Big Brother contestants are notorious for scheming, talking trash and forging alliances to survive until the game's end, but this season, the show's host is hoping game play doesn't come at the expense of basic humanity.

On Tuesday (June 16), Big Brother producers announced the series will feature its first transgender contestant, Audrey Middleton, on the show's upcoming season. And though the 25-year-old digital media consultant insists "I will make bold moves and I will get blood on my hands. Heads will roll!" on her cast page, show host Julie Chen, who's also a panelist on The Talk, said on the talk show yesterday (June 18) that she hopes Middleton's personal story will project just as loudly as her apparent battle cries.

"Audrey told us she is planning on telling everyone in the Big Brother house that she is transgender when she and all the other houseguests meet each other for the first time on the premiere night," Chen said in a segment. " I just want to say I hope you watch with compassion and an open mind, to learn something about a community you may not be familiar with."

She added "This is Audrey's story to tell, and I'm looking forward to hearing it."

What do you think about Audrey's inclusion in the competition, and Chen's words? Sound off, and be sure to watch the show's premiere Wednesday, June 24 at 8PM on CBS.

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