8BarZ's remix of Big Heed and Alien, 'Tipsy,' has minimal lyrics but a big dance sound -- and if you close your eyes you might just believe you're in the club on a Saturday night.

'Tipsy' carries a laid back attitude and that relatable feeling of sipping spirits in the club -- but 8BarZ's pumped up version give a sense of true party-mode. Picture this:

"I'm feeling like my head start turning around / And I'm losing control / Can't take my feet off the ground / I'm getting ahead of myself / Think I need to slow down / Think that I'm ready to go / 'Cause I'm tipsy"

... And repeat until you just can't anymore! Throw in a dash of speed and a techno backbeat, and you've got the recipe for a weekend to remember.

8BarZ -- who market themselves as "an obsession to chase the perfect groove, to find that perfect sound and to shake the planet as best we can ... Every day" -- have spun and mashed up hits from today's top artists, including Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep,' and the Script's 'For the First Time.' Their eclectic blends and added beats give extra 'oomf' to already great music, and allow Top 40 songs to transition to the club scene -- and beyond.

Listen to Big Heed and Alien, 'Tipsy' Remix by 8BarZ