Now that Big Sean is finally famous, he's making some serious 'Guap,' according to his just-released track. The song is the first single from his second album 'Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player,' which hits stores on Dec. 18.

The G.O.O.D. Music artist is mostly bragging about his wealth on the Caribbean-flavored tune, which was produced by Key Wane and Young Chop with ad-libs from Kanye West. "This to all my enemies, that see me gettin' guap right now / This to all my hatin' ho's, that see me gettin' guap right now / Hell naw won't stop right now, see me gettin' guap right now," he teases on the chorus.

Elsewhere, he vows to continue to make more guap no matter how much naysayers want him to fail. "You still hatin', you should be f---ing ashamed / Far as I came / Guess when you're running the game / They want you to sprain / Yeah, I know, but I don't get my stress on / Still takin' shots / Swear my stomach is made of teflon," he raps.

The steel-drumming sounds of 'Guap' will do very well in the clubs, but Sean's vapid lyrics about his fortune will mostly likely turn off fans who are not getting as much guap as him. To make a song poking fun at people -- haters or otherwise -- who are not in the same economic tax bracket as him is not how millionaires roll.

Nevertheless, we are happy that Big Sean is getting crazy guap and we wish him more success with his second album 'Hall of Fame.'

Listen to Big Sean, 'Guap'