Big Sean has released a new track featuring 2 Chainz in which he promises to 'Keep It Gee.'

"So this is what it feels like to make somethin' outta nothin'," Sean proclaims as the Drumma Boy-produced song begins. The track rides a super-slow beat that almost gives it a Southern feel as Sean raps:

"Ok, my life is nothin’ but a G thang / Pick up 100 Gs, take off a G-string / Oh Jesus, they love me to pieces / Got up in the game cause I was tired of the bleachers / Get rich, repeat it, taste it, I’m delish / Lookin’ so good she put me on her f--- for free list."

'Keep It Gee' does not appear on Sean's debut album, 'Finally Famous,' but could be targeted for a future mixtape.

Sean introduced the track on Twitter by writing, "FFOE mixtape coming soon... New music to live to, dream to, smoke to, f--- to, ride to, n party to... But for now here's something to keep it gee to. (sorry it took so long just had to get the mix right)." It sounds to us like the mix is just fine.

Listen to Big Sean, 'Keep It Gee'