Big Sean's rise to fame can be summed up in two lines from his song 'My Last.' "Grind hard but a got a lot to show for it / Always had drive like I had to chauffeur it," the 22 year old raps.

After switching record labels and trying to get his songs as much exposure as possible via YouTube, Big Sean is preparing to release his appropriately titled debut album, 'Finally Famous,' sometime this year. Big Sean's latest single 'My Last,' which is a collaboration with superstar songbird Chris Brown, will be featured on the upcoming album.

The lyrics to 'My Last' are all about partying it up and living every moment like there is no tomorrow. The mid-tempo song is the brainchild of both Big Sean and Chicago producer No I.D., who is known for creating hits for Kanye West, Jazmine Sullivan and Kid Cudi.

'My Last'  starts off with a piano melody as Brown comes in for the hook, singing, "And I’mma hit this drink up like it’s my last / I’mma I'mma hit this night up like it’s my last / I’mma I’mma hmm hmm, like it’s my last / Swear I’mma, swear I’mma get it like / Like I never had it at all all all all, all all all all."

After Brown sings the hook for the first time, the bass kicks in as Big Sean raps, "Ok, now where that alcohol / You ain't even got to ask / Cause I’mma drink it all like, like it's my last." One of the most interesting things about Big Sean is his ability to both sing and rap, and he shows this off in 'My Last' and he backs Brown's singing in both the chorus and the hook.

Big Sean has also become famous for his attraction to the finer things in life, and the Detroit native raps about this in 'My Last.' "Since I signed the con’, I’m Louie Vuitton shine / Up in Benny Han Han eating all the Wonton / Rose rose over a little Chandon / Put her hands down my pants now she rocking Sean John," Big Sean raps.

Listen to Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown, 'My Last'