Big Sean celebrates on his budding stardom and reflects on his journey in the video for his song 'My Last.'

The Detroit-based rapper appears to be on top of the world as he looks down on the city of Los Angeles from a balcony in the hills. He enjoys the view for a while, then moves inside, grabs a drink and enjoys the view some more as he chats with an attractive lady.

With the downtown skyline behind him, Sean boasts, "I just ended up on everybody's guest list / I'm just doing better than what everyone projected." Featured artist Chris Brown joins Sean as they party inside with dozens of friends.

The shots of Sean living the high life are interspersed with black & white footage supposedly from 2005 and 2006 where Sean discusses his mixtape and his dream of becoming a successful rapper.

Four years after he was signed by Kanye West, Sean is ready to release his debut album, 'Finally Famous,' which will include 'My Last.' The record is currently planned for release later this year.

Watch the Big Sean 'My Last' Video