While we wait for the release of Big Sean's debut album 'Finally Famous,' the rapper has released a new song to iTunes called 'What Goes Around.'

Sean makes the case that what goes around comes around, although he probably doesn't need to make the argument -- we believed it when Justin Timberlake told us the same thing years ago.

Sean was signed by Kanye West, and 'What Goes Around' sounds a lot like a Kanye song, with extravagant production that includes samples, piano, occasional bursts of guitar and a hook performed by female backup singers.

Lyrically, Big Sean rhymes about becoming part of an exclusive club: "Man, I’m chilling wit’ Jays, ‘Ye’s, and Common Senses / It’s crazy when legends are peers and your competition." He also brags, "Now, I can’t tell what’s a better accessory / My new watch or the chick that’s standing right next to me."

As the song winds down, Sean laughs and says, "This is dedicated to my ex girls ... Both of them / It’s also dedicated to everybody who be talkin’ sh-- behind my back."

'What Goes Around' doesn't have a cohesive enough message, and it's a little too quiet to become a blockbuster hit. But it should be enough to hold people over until 'Finally Famous' arrives next month.

Listen to Big Sean, 'What Goes Around'