Big Time Rush hottie Kendall Schmidt is a busy guy. In addition to being in a band and on a TV show with his fellow BTR members, he also has a killer, more mature side project with pal Dustin Belt called Heffron Drive. He just got back from a European tour with the effort and is stoked to tell the world about it.

"Basically it's a new effort at something I did a long time ago. We started making music and we put a name to it, then I booked Big Time Rush, so obviously I kind of had to put on hold," he told Starpulse. "But [Dustin]'s always been there. He's been playing guitar for the actual Big Time Rush band since the beginning," Schmidt revealed, "so we kind of always had the idea of keeping it going. It's reinvigorated, I guess you could say. I'm going to keep doing as much as I can while being in Big Time Rush."

Schmidt reveals that a lot of the currently available Heffron Drive tracks are actually pretty old. "The songs that they're listening to, I did them on my computer in my room when I was 17," admitted. "They're literally like mixed, mastered and done by me. I'd like to redo those songs and eventually put those songs out with modern tracks and everything like that."

How does HD differ from BTR? For one, even though he started Heffron Drive's songs when he was younger, it actually will probably appeal to an older fan base than his Nickelodeon odes. "It's a little more grown-up. It's a little more upper teenager lyrical content," he explained. "The Postal Service is a big inspiration. But it's catchy stuff. My brothers love it just as much as some of the fans love it."

As busy as he is, Schmidt is still grounded and grateful for everything he has, even though it can be tough to balance so many responsibilities at one time. "At this point it seems sort of normal to be on a pretty hectic schedule! You can't ever really be that upset. I'm running around promoting music that I've made, and I'm running around promoting a TV show I was lucky enough to be a part of," he said simply. "There's people in the world who want to see us play live and want to meet us in person, and it's our job as entertainers to do that."

Amen, Kendall!