All of the guys in Big Time Rush are pretty awesome, right Rushers? We love how each of them has their own unique personalities not only on their TV show of the same name, but also in real life. Even though it's a tough decision, if you had to just pick one member of Big Time Rush, who would you like to hang out with the most? Logan, James, Kendall or Carlos?

Let's start off with Carlos Pena, who is kind a huge jokester on 'Big Time Rush,' but then again, aren't all of the guys in their own way? And while he's always lending us a laugh on TV, Pena will have you in stitches on Twitter and Instagram. He is always posting the funniest messages and pictures, like himself in drag or making funny faces... but Pena shows his sentimental side too, giving us glimpses into his romantic life as well.

Next up is James Maslow, who is oh-so swoon-worthy, right gals? Although he might be portrayed as kind of vain on 'Big Time Rush' the TV show (he is ridiculously handsome, so we can't even argue on this one), Maslow seems very down-to-earth in reality. But like his character, he also seems like a kindhearted person with a huge sense of loyalty to those closest to him. On top of all that, James is also an animal lover, and has one of the cutest dogs ever, Fox.

Then there's Kendall Schmidt, who is very much the "leader" on Nick's 'Big Time Rush,' always scheming and coming up with crazy plans for himself and his bandmates. And even though it doesn't always work out for the fellows, Schmidt always keeps a level head.  We were actually able to hang out with Kendall when he visited our offices, and he does seem like a man who's got it all figured out... but he is no way domineering. He's sweet, polite, smart, funny, and even cuter in person.

Finally, we've got Logan Henderson, who is the "genius" of Big Time Rush on their sitcom. While there's no doubting that he and the rest of BTR are a couple of really well-informed guys (even though some freak out more than others when they get into hot water) there's a lot more to the actual Logan. He's a real family guy, and when it comes to relationships, Logan prides himself on being a good listener. Henderson also has a great taste in music, is handsome as heck, and has a great sense of humor.

So, which Big Time Rush member do you want to hang with? Vote for Carlos, James, Kendall, or Logan? Vote below!