Ready to swoon? Boy band Big Time Rush just dropped their more-addictive-than-crack new single 'Music Sounds Better With U' featuring Mann. Woohoo! The fab foursome debuted the beat-driven track via Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Friday, and it'll get your toes tapping. It's still polished and pretty pop like we expect from this quartet, but it's more club-tacular than we're used to.

It's also a lyrical declaration about the redemptive power of music and how sharing it with a loved one makes it sound better. It encompasses that whole young love/mixtape mentality. Oh, you know, share your favorite songs with the boy or girl you're crushing on so they can "get" what you are about. Music is a universal connector and language we all speak, and 'Music Sounds Better With U' makes that point via a fluffy, confectionery pop song with a a bridge sung by 'The Mack' rapper Mann.

The boys sing about when "Things get so bad / You've got my back / And you make me wanna sing," once again illustrating the point about how your infinite playlist is as attractive and has the same effect as a pheromone to the opposite sex.

The song lives on the band's upcoming sophomore album 'Elevate,' which will land on Nov. 21.

Listen to Big Time Rush's 'Music Sounds Better With U'