Rushers will miss watching Big Time Rush on their eponymous TV show, but don't hold your breath for the band to return to the small screen anytime soon -- especially not on a reality show.

The band explained in not so many words that their lifestyles may be too, er, adult for a reality series aimed at their Nickelodeon fan base. "I think we'd lose a lot of our young fans, that's for sure," Kendall Schmidt laughed. James Maslow added, "Our old fans would love it, though!"

Logan Henderson wasn't on hand to comment, but Carlos Pena, Jr.'s face pretty much says all you need to know.

Still, if you've seen 'The Wanted Life,' you'd know that sometimes the hedonism they're hinting at makes for good TV. (Plus, we sort of hope they'd have guests like Victoria Justice and One Direction pop over to hang out!)

Maybe they can just premiere it past the littlest Rushers' bedtimes!