Swoon alert! Nickelodeon heroes Big Time Rush lament separation and perform at an airport in the new video for 'Worldwide,' which will also be featured on an upcoming episode of their eponymous series, entitled 'Big Time Break Up,' set to air June 25.

It's a big time break up indeed, as the video demonstrates. Big Time Rush's Kendall bids goodbye to a lovely lady at the airport, and we follow her as she heads to her gate, surrounded by the bright lights, the bustle of other travelers and the image of the boy she seems to have reluctantly left behind on her iPhone. Both she and Kendall emote expressively at their parting.

The video effectively captures airport travel -- except we don't usually see cute boy bands performing perfectly polished pop songs in airport terminals while we're rushing to catch a flight! Be still our beating hearts. BTR would slow us down and force us to take a look, even if our cabin door was closing and we were about to miss a connecting flight.

Hmm, now that we've watched this video, wouldn't it be nice if airports had boy bands providing some
entertainment at the departure gates?

Of course, we can't ignore the similarities between this and the Backstreet Boys' epic video for 'I Want It That Way,' especially the polished white suits, which the quintet from the '90s sport in parts of their video.

Also like 'I Want It That Way,' the BTR's video hints at the trappings of fame and the millions of pretty girls that know their first names. But the availability of millions of girls aside, there is always that one that gets away. Or in this case, flies away.

Watch the Big Time Rush 'Worldwide' Video