The hottest and newest romance to impact the world of pop culture is between Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena Jr. and 'Machete Kills' actress Alexa Vega (who you probably know better from the 'Spy Kids' movies). Do you Rushers think they make a good couple?

The smokin' hot Latinos have been spending a ton of time together, and since a picture is worth more than anything, it's safe to say they're dating from the looks of their Instagram and Twitter accounts... even though a mutual friend went ahead and confirmed it for his pals anyways.

Pena, 23, and Vega, 24, spent New Year's Eve together in the Bahamas with a bunch of friends, and they took plenty of cute snapshots. The couple did some biking, yachting and boozing during their stay, and a whole lot of cozying and cuddling up to one another.

Pena seriously looks so happy with Vega, and it seems like the two have a ton of laughs together. They both looove candy, too, and Pena even refers to Vega as "Azucar" on Instagram, the Spanish word for "sugar." Gah! Too adorable.

However, the two have experienced some heartbreak in the past. Vega's 2-year marriage to producer Sean Coval (who is 12 years her senior) came to an end in July 2012, and Pena went through a rough breakup with Disney actress Samantha Droke in the summer of 2012. But hey, sometimes great things can come out of nasty situations!

What do you think, Rushers? Is Alexa a good fit for your favorite funny man? Check out more pics of them below and vote!

Instagram (2)
Instagram (2)

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