If you’re looking to lose all faith that a general moral compass exists for the bulk of humanity, look no further than a recent survey Billboard allegedly sent out to  top-tier music executives. It asks them, in part, to anonymously weigh in on whether they believe the sexual abuse claims Kesha raised against music producer Dr. Luke.

According to Music Business Worldwide, the esteemed company sent out a confidential survey that asked music industry bigwigs to answer a slew of unprofessional questions like, “Who is the most high-maintenance act in music?” “Do you root for Taylor Swift?” and “Who or what is the most overrated act in music today?” While deliberately shady, these questions aren’t the most concerning. Neither is the mildly mean-spirited query that begs users to play psychic to Justin Bieber's future: “In three years, Justin Bieber will be: Headlining arenas [or] On a VH1 reality show.” We've all joked about that one, right?

The worst of the bunch, however, is the one in which Billboard asks its survey-taker to weigh in on the controversial Kesha/Dr. Luke sexual abuse lawsuit. The question asks, “Who do you believe: Kesha [or] Dr. Luke,” as though a bunch of music executives, or anyone at all, should have an opinion about an ongoing lawsuit in which a woman claims she was repeatedly brutalized, assaulted and emotionally tormented by one of the most powerful men in the industry.

In a world where rape victims are constantly denounced and lambasted for "ruining" their abuser's reputation by coming forward, it's disturbing to think a highly-respected publication such as Billboard would deem a question like this anywhere near appropriate, confidential or not. Whether the forthcoming survey results will be framed as a scathing critique of the way rape culture pervades the music industry (and there's no telling that's the angle Billboard will take) doesn't matter at this point. It's too specific a question, and, frankly, irresponsible.

In any case, the results will reportedly be published in Billboard's September 19 issue.

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