Taylor Swift recently poked fun at her much-discussed love life in her 'Blank Space' video, and now comedian Billy Eichner is joining in the game.

During his appearance on 'Conan' last night (Dec. 3), Billy opened up about his love of Taylor -- and even confessed to writing a ballad for her!

"Here's why I like her," Billy explained. "There's so many disturbing, upsetting things happening in our world right now -- in our country, internationally. But Taylor Swift is writing about the most important topic, which is what happens when your boyfriend doesn't text you back. And I think that's so essential, Conan!"

Conan convinced Billy to perform the song, with the comedian clarifying that he wrote the song for Taylor to sing, from her point of view. And with that, he launched into the track, titled 'Glitter and Ribs.'

We won't spoil the performance for you, but we will reveal this: Not only is the piano-driven song filled with Taylor's signature emotion and descriptive lyrics, it has a cheeky sense of humor. Swiftie or not, you definitely need to see this.

Watch Billy perform 'Glitter and Ribs,' his song for Taylor Swift, in the video above!

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