Billy Eichner debuted a new segment for his television show Billy on the Street via a video clip today (December 8), where he guides comedian Rachel Dratch through an obstacle course to escape from Scientology.

Inspired by Leah Remini’s recent revelations about the controversial religion, the game (fittingly titled "Leah Remini’s Escape From Scientology") pokes fun at the organization, as the course is designed to reference various aspects of Scientology.

Eichner kicks things off with his signature rapid-fire delivery, saying, “The first few obstacles, you’re joining Scientology. Then there’s a twist -- you decide you need to escape from the religion, save your kids, save your friends and, most importantly, save your acting career!”

Dratch is then forced to climb a ladder to sign an enormous billion-year contract (referring to the lifetime commitment Sea Org members are required to make when they, for real, sign a billion-year contract in Scientology) with an equally large magic marker.

Then -- staying true to Eichner's description -- shortly after joining Scientology, Dratch embarks on a journey to escape from it. In doing so, Eichner enlists gags that include references to alien overload Xenu, the Sea Org and one of Hollywood’s most famous Scientologists -- John Travolta.

Dratch finds her way out of the religion by the the segment's end and is granted with the reward of "Eight half-hour episodes on TV Land!"

Watch the video above to see Rachel Dratch escape from Scientology, and catch Billy on the Street when it airs on Thursdays at 10:30PM EST on truTV.