Miley Cyrus has been angry at her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, ever since his inflammatory interview with GQ magazine. Now, in an interview with PEOPLE, Mr. Cyrus is trying to back-peddle and make amends with not only Miley, but the entire Cyrus clan.

After equating his daughter's recent antics to that of Anna Nicole Smith and Kurt Cobain, Cyrus is now calling his comments "explosive, and unintentionally so." Billy Ray Cyrus also said that his family was torn apart (he and his wife, Tish, are in the midst of a divorce) by the fame that came along with the success of the television show, 'Hannah Montana.'

Cyrus continues, "My family is the most important thing I have, and we are working together to make sure our future is stronger and healthier." After Miley supposedly forced her father to cancel an appearance on 'The View' this week, perhaps Billy Ray got the hint that not all press is good press, especially when it comes to personal family issues.