Undoubtedly, Lil Wayne selling over 964,000 copies of 'Tha Carter IV' in its first week of release is an impressive feat. However, those amazing first-week sale numbers had some doubters believing that Cash Money CEO Birdman (aka Baby) may have bought thousands of copies himself to help boost album sales for Weezy. It's an outrageous claim that Birdman flatly denies.

"Nah, man, that really don’t make no sense. Why would we do that?” he asked Sway Calloway on his morning radio show. “I press and distribute 'em. Ain't no need for me to buy 'em. That's hustling backwards; we ain't in it for that. I ain't ever been a part of that type of scheme to be buyin' records. We don’t do that, homie."

"We're real about what we do, we work hard every day at it, and we work for the people," says Birdman about the label's work ethic. "That’s what we do music for: For people. And we appreciate the love they give us back. But no such thing as me buying no CDs. I wouldn’t even play it like that.”

Yeah, homie don't play that. Seriously, Cash Money Records has been in the business for over 25 years and they didn't sustain their longevity in the music game by plotting and scheming how to boost album sales for their artists. Let's give props where props are due. It's amazing that Weezy was able to sell that many records despite 'Tha Carter IV' leaking days ahead of it's release. It goes to show that Tunechi has some loyal fans -- make that 964,000 loyal fans.

So let's stop all the skepticisms and congratulate Cash Money Records for bringing us some hot music near the end of the summer. Overall, this was a great season for buying rap music.