Birdy briefly migrated away from her piano, but she's made her way back to its comfortable perch.

The "Keeping Your Head Up" singer, whose third EP, Beautiful Lies, is due out on March 25, has released a title track that finds her in familiar territory. Where the LP's first single acted as an experiment with aggressive tones and Florence + The Machine-type boldness, "Beautiful Lies" is serene and restrained, though completely heartbreaking. In short, it's signature Birdy.

"Beautiful lies, cover my eyes with your hands / Just pretend we're better," the singer croons over the ballad's slowly shrinking piano and diminutive strings. Slowly and begrudgingly, Birdy accepts that her relationship is falling apart, and resigns herself to the idea that she can't make it last.

In January, Birdy told the BBC that fans can expect an Eastern vibe from her next collection of songs, which she noted will include more variety than did previous albums.

“It’s got a bit of an Asian influence, which is quite weird, but I was really inspired by Japan and just how kind of delicate and fragile everything is," she said. "It’s a little bit of that, but also kind of classic piano ballads, as well."

Listen to "Beautiful Lies" above, tell us what you think and be sure to grab a copy of the new album next month!

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