Hear ye, hear ye: In a fantasy world, Birdy's decrees as queen would read as follows:

"I'd have chicken and chips for dinner every day, but I can do that anyway."


"I don't know, I'd make everyone ride horses everywhere; I think that would be really nice."

The monarchy is in safe hands.

In a recent interview with PopCrush, the Beautiful Lies singer explained her fascination with the face-swap images she's shared on Instagram (the aforementioned royal pronouncements came after she chose the queen as her ideal face/identity swap). And though Birdy and her friends are very much into the trend of visual mishmash-ing on social media, Birdy's fans are definitely not on board.

"I get in so much trouble," Birdy says in the clip above. "My fans are always so angry with me. They're always like 'Stop it!'...They get really angry when I post face-swaps. They hate it. I think it really freaks them out. I just think it's really funny."

One thing the Birdy-faithful appreciate, on the other hand? The singer's fascination with unicorns — particularly her good pal, Michael-the-inflatable-unicorn-head.

"I really love unicorns and most magical things," she says. "I met Michael in Nashville, and he was, like, in this shop with all these blow-up stag heads, as well. I thought he was the coolest one."

Check out the interview above, hang tight for more from the chat and be sure to get your hands on Beautiful Lies Friday (March 25).

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