Miami newcomer Bizzy Crook is a wide-eyed dreamer on 'This is Me,' a new song from the rapper that features Demi Lovato.

Bizzy opens by announcing that pursuing a hip-hop career has been his goal since he was a kid: "While all of my close friends all went to college, see me, I had a dream and I went to find it / It's not impossible at all, they just afraid to try it / I was just trying to build a plane and became a pilot."

The rapper states repeatedly that he wants to be sitting at the Grammys next year, which is giving that award show too much credit, considering that they've never been the best judge of artistic achievement. But his ambition and energy are infectious, and when paired with the relaxed beat with acoustic guitar and subtle strings, it gives the song an emotional quality that many rap songs lack.

Lovato's hook picks up on that theme when she sings, "This is real, this is me / I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now / Gonna let the light shine on me / Now I've found who I am / There's no way to hold it in / No more hiding who I wanna be, this is me."

The biggest problem with the song is a technical issue -- something seems wrong with the mix. Though Lovato sounds great, her vocals are really quiet, to the point that it's difficult to hear them when Bizzy raps over her.

The song would be worth another star if it simply had a proper mix, but as it stands, it comes off sounding more like an amateur recording. We'll give Bizzy the benefit of the doubt and assume this is just a rough mix and a proper version is still to come.

Listen to Bizzy Crook, 'This is Me' Feat. Demi Lovato