The Black Eyed Peas used enough electricity to power a small town during a turbo-charged performance of 'Don't Stop the Party' on tonight's episode of 'Dancing with the Stars.'

The ballroom was bathed in green laser light as the three male members of the quartet,, Taboo and, kicked off the party dressed in electric-tinged grey and black clothing. But, wait, where was Fergie? Had she quit the band since their performance two nights ago at the Billboard Music Awards?

Have no fear! She was just waiting for a the song's slow section in order to make a dramatic entrance, descending from the ceiling on a circular platform as even more electric lights rained down behind her. Soon the gang was all reunited, and they each took turns delivering a rap before sending the tune off with a dramatic ending.

'Don't Stop the Party' is the third single from the Peas' 2010 album 'The Beginning.' They recently released a video for the song, which you can check out right over here.