The Black Eyed Peas are as philanthropic as they are talented. According to the Associated Press, the Peas announced yesterday that they will be opening a school in New York City where teens will be able to learn and develop both video and music production skills using professional quality equipment.

The group, in conjunction with their Peapod Foundation and the Adobe Foundation, will be celebrating their fourth music and multimedia academy when the NYC location opens. The Peas' effort will open doors for kids with ambitions to work in the music industry!

The New York City academy will be located in Lower Manhattan and will offer classes for students ranging in age from 13-19. The classes kick off this July. While most kids would groan mightily at the prospect of school in the summer, this is a different sort of school that makes education fun and future-directed for teens with specific career goals.

The previously existing academies, called The Youth Voices, are located in California in the cities of Los Angeles, Oakland and Redwood City, respectively. The Peadpod Foundation is the group's charity, while the Adobe Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Adobe, the software giant.