Will.i.am is not a fan of rumors. The hitmaker took to Twitter today to tweet to his followers and set the record straight: the Black Eyed Peas are absolutely not replacing Fergie. Rumors hit the web this week that the frontlady was going to take time off to start a family, and consequently, BEP would replace her -- allegedly with Ashanti. Will wanted to let the world know, once and for all, that Fergie will never be replaced. Also on Twitter, pop songstress Demi Lovato revealed that she'll soon be changing her hair color, while Rihanna kept a tight lip about the contents of her forthcoming 'Talk That Talk' album, despite her desire to share the deets. Justin Bieber thanked his fans for helping him spread the reach of his charity, Cee Lo Green joked about his hair (or lack therof) and NKOTB hottie Jordan Knight promised to follow more fans on Twitter. See what your favorite pop stars were tweeting about today!