Taboo and his wife Jaymie Dizon welcomed a baby boy, Journey Jameson Gomez, yesterday, and the Black Eyed Peas rapper documented the birth via regular Twitter updates.

The drama began with a tweet: "This is it 4:05 am it's time wifey and I are heading to the hospital contractions lasting 30-47 sec between 3-5 min it's time go time!!"

The updates continued every hour or so: "Wifey is doing really good, this pregnancy is different from when we had jalen, I feel more focused and in control and not nervous at all."

An hour later: "My wifey is now 6 cm dilated resting and getting ready for a long day ahead of us. I'm proud of my wife and honored to be by her side!!"

Finally, Taboo tweeted that Journey was born at 2:57PM. He joins the couple's first son, Jalen, born in 2009. Taboo also has a son, Joshua, from a previous relationship.

The Black Eyed Peas have no tour dates scheduled until late June, so the hip-hop star will have some time at home with his son. Congrats to the new parents!