Black Friday shopping is not for the weak, which is why we'd want to go with one of our favorite celebs! We admire so many stars for their awesome style and persistent personalities -- two qualities ideal for one of the busiest retail days of the year. Who would you want to go black shopping with?

We've always loved Taylor Swift's style, but in the past year, she's kicked it into overdrive. From crop tops to sky-high heels to her "TS 1989" monogrammed necklace, this girl can rock it all! Of course, Taylor is also known for her determination. She sets her sights on something and she works until she gets it. We have a feeling she'd be a clutch shopping partner on Black Friday.

Speaking of style stars, we can't forget Ariana Grande. The 'Love Me Harder' singer recently elevated her personal style from flirty dresses to sultry mini-skirts. And while she wows us with her insane vocals, we bet she'd be a super fun shopping buddy. Seriously, who better to give you clothing opinions?

Of course, we can't forget Selena Gomez. From her 'Wizards of Waverly Place' looks to her recent designer gowns, we've loved following her style evolution. Selena's also a total sweetheart, which means spending a day with her would seriously be the most fun ever.

Who's your dream Black Friday Shopping buddy? Vote for Taylor, Ariana or Selena in the poll below!

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