The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney must have quite a bit of time on his hands right now, having cleaned up at the Grammys last week. He also has a hilarious sense of humor, since he subjected himself to some serious hate spewing from Beliebers by changing his Twitter profile to have a Justin Bieber theme.

He also included photos of himself as Bieber, superimposing JB's face onto photos. The one that had to sting most was the one of him and his Keys' bandmate with their Grammy gold. Ouch.

The whole beef between Biebs and Carney began when TMZ asked the drummer, as he excited a post-Grammys party, what he thought about Bieber being snubbed by the organization. We're pretty sure he never even thought about it prior to that very second but he said that the teen should not be butt hurt since he is rich and doesn't need Grammys since he has money.

Them's fightin' words. Biebs was incensed and tweeted that Carney should be slapped. Instantly, a nation of Beliebers seethed with hatred for the lanky, black specs-wearing drummer.

Carney doused the fire with further flammables by changing his Twitter profile and making fun of Biebs. He caught hell from the millions of Beliebers who trashed him and crushed him, digitally-speaking.

All in good fun, though! And he was up for the challenge.

Some of the choicest comments? Well, almost every Belieber questioned Carney's sexuality. Many, many, many times. He retweeted several of these comments, showing that he would not acquiesce to Beliebers.

Some tweets wished for him to be hit by a bus. Others were simple, like "I hate you."

He was also called a horse penis with a moldy wasabi taste, which he laughed at.

Clearly, Beliebers have met their match in P. Carney.

Biebs, can you call off the dogs before this escalates into a full-scale war and somebody's feelings get hurt?

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