'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' welcomed an extra special musical guest: Black Simon & Garfunkel, who parodied LMFAO. What, you didn't even knew they existed? Where have you been? Well, guess what? Now you do know they exist. If you don't nearly pee your pants at their spot on aping of the real Simon & Garfunkel, then you have zero sense of humor.

Fallon unearthed a musical gem, courtesy of his house band The Roots, where members ?uestlove and Captain Kirk Douglas perform their Black S&G parody of LMFAO's synthy summer smash 'Party Rock.' It's a double mashup, if there ever was one. Whoever came up with this idea should be awarded a medal.

Check out the black Simon & Garfunkel and their animated expressions, their all black attire and, not to mention, their white Simon & Garfunkel-inspired hair. They even making cymbal crashing drum noises with their mouths!

We think Fallon and the Roots may have created their own genre with this skit: "fauxlk" music, which blends the faux with the folksy. LMFAO's studio-created, electronics heavy, summer 2011 anthem gets stripped down in a way we doubt we'll see duplicated by anyone else, anytime soon.

Watch Black Simon & Garfunkel Parody LMFAO