The Ready Set are currently out on the road performing on the Blackout Forever tour with Breathe Carolina, and frontman/founding member of the 'Love Like Woe' outfit, Jordan Witzigreuter, is keeping fans up to date with behind-the-scenes action with his weekly tour diaries. Every Monday, you can watch hilarious video updates from Witzigreuter and the rest of the Blackout Forever crew exclusively on PopCrush!

For his first set of videos, the Ready Set vocalist gives a brief introduction from his bus bunk, where we assume he was sleeping like a baby before getting invaded with cameras since he's talking in his "sleepy time voice." Witzigreuter goes on to introduce his fellow Blackout Forever tour mates, before closing out the video with some show footage set to ... salsa music? We didn't know the Ready Set got down to salsa! We'd love to see Jordan and his fans bust a move with Fred Armisen on 'The Manuel Ortiz Show.'

In the second webisode from the Blackout Forever tour, Jordan gets a bit more intimidating ... well, that is if you find Vespa gangs scary. The 'Young Forever' funny man introduces us to his fake bike gang the Yellow Crosses, whose job is to "serve up some American justice" in true bada--- fashion. Check out Jordan and his posse hit the rough streets of Panama City on their two-wheeled rides, as they tool around town while Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx's 'Nightcall' from the movie 'Drive' plays in the background. They might not appear to be BAMFs like Ryan Gosling's character, but we're pretty sure the old dude they chat with at the end is on that level.

Be sure to watch Jordan's comical tour videos below, and come back every Monday for more! Also, if you want to snag tickets to the Blackout Forever, where you can also catch up-and-coming acts like Trace Cyrus' band Ashland High and Matt Toka, click here.

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