The Ready Set are currently out on the Blackout Forever tour, and frontman Jordan Witzigreuter has teamed up with PopCrush to give fans updates from out on the road. In his latest webisode, the Indiana native gives a recap of a week's worth of events before he and his band hit the stage to perform in Gainesville, Fla.

Witzigreuter showed some love for his Floridian fans before talking about the past week's activities. "I did phone interviews for a while. They were so much fun," Witzigreuter said before sarcastically continuing, "I wore a tie-dyed shirt. Jason made coffee. Mason got real stoned." And yes, there are visuals of each of these momentous occasions... Mason was definitely stoned.

Witzigreuter also talked about his awesome day off when he and his buddies tooled around on town on scooters. He then went on to say, "There were some more shows. There was a birthday… It was crazy. Our tech Dave threw up because he's a real American." Nothing says rock star like barfing your brains out after a night of partying! Well done, Dave.

Check out the Ready Set's latest update from the Blackout Forever tour, which also features co-headliner Breathe Carolina as well as Ashland High and Matt Toka.

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