Jordan Witzigreuter, frontman of the Ready Set, is keeping the weekly Blackout Forever tour updates coming with his latest webisode. The 'Hollywood Dream' hitmaker is stationed in North Carolina this time around, and he lets fan in on a whole mess of behind-the-scenes scenarios, from the Ready Set's newest mascot, Jazz Hands the turtle, to befriending police officers and bad haircuts in the dark.

As usual, the sarcastic Witzigreuter kicks things off with a joke (hopefully!) as he says, "I worked on some songs -- got a lot of cool stuff that I'll never show you… ever." He then goes into a story about his friend and bass player Andy and how he created a new dance that is "really coming along" nicely. Will it be the next Dougie or Stanky Leg, though? Witzigreuter also explained how the police "love him" and are "on [his] team as of right now" as a clip of a uniformed officer, whose daughter was flipping out over the Ready Set, rolls.

Dressed in an American flag tee and a navy blue baseball cap with stars, Witzigreuter continues to dish on the Blackout Forever action. "Christian got a turtle who we named Jazz Hands," the 'Young Forever' vocalist says of their new tour mascot. "It's a great turtle. It's a beautiful turtle." He then continued, "Speaking of Christian, he got a haircut. He let a few of us give him a haircut in the dark. Really risky move, but he let it happen and it was great. It was definitely better than it could've been."

Watch the Ready Set's latest installment of their Blackout Forever video diary below and let us know what you think the guys should name their next pet ... Jazz Hands is definitely hard to top.

Watch Blackout Forever Tour Diary No. 3 Starring the Ready Set