Is there anything Blake Lively can't do? In addition to acting, baking, snagging Ryan Reynolds, launching a hugely successful lifestyle site and, you know, looking like Blake Lively, it turns out she's also really good at beating Jimmy Fallon at his own game.

The stunning Gossip Girl alum appeared on the The Tonight Show to play "say anything," a game previously played by YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Miranda Sings. Here's how it works: Two people take turns saying random words — the words don't have to connect to one another, but stumbling, blanking or repeating words are not allowed. The person who does any of these things gets a piece of tape plastered over his or her face.

Spoiler alert: It ends with Jimmy Fallon covered in tape and a victorious Blake Lively. Oh, and in case you were wondering? Yes, her body is back to its amazing pre-pregnancy shape.

The game sounds easy enough but Blake bests Jimmy by getting things started on a surprising note. She throws out the word "stinging" as her first play, which clearly catches Jimmy off guard. Watch to see how she trounces him three times. There's also a must-see shot of Blake leaning over and literally a biting a piece of tape that's just inches away from Jimmy's face.

Blake is starring in The Age of Adaline, which hits theaters on April 24. The movie tells the story of a woman who stops aging after a freaky car accident. You can hear Lana Del Rey's original song "Life Is Beautiful" in the trailer, here.

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